General Information

“Some people wonder all their lives if they’ve made a difference.  The Marines don’t have that problem.”

                    President Ronald W. Reagan

Current Membership

We now have 45 active members in our local group.  They represent a diverse mixture of Marine veterans from every war of our time beginning with WWII and continuing through the current war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

New Membership Applications

To qualify as a regular member a person must be an active Marine or Navy FMF Corpsman or a former Marine or Navy FMF Corpsman with an honorable discharge.

The cost of membership is minimal, $35.50 per year.  These dues support the activities of the national, state and local MCL organizations.

We are looking for a few good men and women so if you are interested in joining our group, just click to request an application form or a membership application form for prosective new members can be found on the Application Form page on this site.

                           Detachment Officers


Commandant - Jim O’Kelley

Senior Vice Commandant - Maurie Roesch

Junior Vice Commandant - Craig Hartburg

Judge Advocate - Tom Hazlett

Junior Past Commandant - Carlton Crenshaw

Adjutant - Tom Campbell

Paymaster - Hank Trautmann

Chaplain - Craig Hartburg

Public Information Officer - Art Beltrone

Sgt At Arms - Tim Taylor


Web Sergeant - Mike & Nannette Hartman

Recruiting Officer - Nancy Carver

Special Project (Belk’s Charity Day) - Mike Monticello

Once A Marine, Always A Marine